About The Pappas Consulting Group Inc.

The Pappas Consulting Group Inc. has a cadre of over fifty consultants who hail from the higher education and non-profit sector. Among these experienced consultants are Presidents, Chancellors, Executive Directors, Senior Vice Presidents, Deans, Provosts, and Vice Presidents for Finance, Administration, Student Affairs, Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities Management, and Institutional Advancement.

The Pappas Consulting Group Inc. offers a unique service to its clients. It draws upon experienced practitioners in the field and our recommendations are drawn from successful, real-life experiences. Over the past twenty years, The Pappas Consulting Group Inc. has served organizations in such areas as:

Leadership/Management Services
  • Strategic Planning and Positioning
  • Governance (Board, faculty, student, staff, volunteer)
  • Policy and procedure analyses
  • Operations/business process redesign
  • Organizational analyses (individual institution, postsecondary system of education, national office and chapter/affiliate relations)
  • Program assessment and redesign, including benchmarking and best practices
  • Change management and continuous quality improvement
  • Staff training and development
  • Presidential evaluations
Functional Expertise
  • Administrative services
  • Financial strategies/analyses
  • Enrollment services
  • Fundraising and development
  • Marketing and communications
  • Public Relations and Media Relations
  • Information technology planning
  • Facilities management
  • Human resource planning
  • Student affairs
  • Academic affairs and support services
  • Research Foundations and technology transfer
  • Health Sciences Centers

Members of The Pappas Consulting Group Inc. have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally through their many publications and speaking engagements. They have written extensively and taught at numerous higher education and non-profit meetings and professional association workshops across the globe. Dr. Pappas' book "Reengineering Your NonProfit Organization: A Guide to Strategic Transformation " has won awards and exemplifies the leadership role The Pappas Consulting Group Inc. plays in the field of higher education and the non-profit sector.