book.gifReengineering Your Nonprofit Organization

At last, a blueprint for radical organizational redesign specifically geared to the nonprofit world

If you want your nonprofit organization to survive in today's increasingly competitive climate, your organization needs to take a cold, hard look at every aspect of its operations, from governance to human resource management. You must determine which structures, processes, and practices work — and which ones don't. You need to find out what other nonprofits are doing and compile a list of "best practices". And then, on the basis of what youlearn, you must reshape, reorganize, and reallocate your resources. In short, you must reengineer your nonprofit organization.

Who better to tell you how than someone who has spent 40 years working with nonprofits of every type and size to improve performance and adapt to change? In the first guide to reengineering written solely for the nonprofit sector, Dr. Pappas takes a hands-on, practical approach designed to embark on organizational transformation.

Reengineering Your Nonprofit Organization

  • Takes a "zero-base" approach to strategic planning
  • Outlines proven techniques for assessing and redesigning all facets of your operation
  • Describes innovative strategies for establishing partnerships and forming alliances, both with other nonprofits and with for-profits
  • Shows how to analyze, develop, and implement the best practices of the nonprofit world
  • Provides a rational framework for measuring success and sustaining growth and improvement during the years ahead.

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