How We Work

Personal Attention: All of our clients - large and small - receive the same level of personalized attention from our professional and support staff.

Proven Methodology: We utilize a proven, yet continuously updated, methodology to collect data, analyze information, and develop recommendations/action plans.

Customized Approach: Our first step is to understand the client organization's unique culture and working environment. We then customize our approach and methodology to meet the client's culture and needs.

Structural Issues: We take on more than the "quick fixes." We tackle the difficult, structural issues that so often can present barriers to positive change.

Quality Control: Our promise is to provide excellence to our clients in all aspects of service. 

On-Site Assistance: We work with our clients at their place of business so that recommendations and implementation/action plans are continuously informed and updated to address situations as they arise.

Oversight by PCG Principal: PCG President and CEO Dr. Alceste T. Pappas personally oversees the conduct of each consulting engagement. It is her responsibility to ensure a quality, on-time "deliverable" and client satisfaction.