Lebanese American University


NEASC Accreditation

While the accreditation self-study necessarily had to be completed by University personnel, the University asked the Pappas Consulting Group to work with the University’s self-study leadership to set in motion appropriate worksteps to obtain the required University input. Meetings were conducted with each of the twelve self-study teams to assess and advise on accreditation-related processes and work steps. A number of consistent themes emerged from these discussions. We then provided a number of key recommendations for further institutional action. During the NEASC Visiting Team’s exit interview in Byblos, positive feedback was provided to the institution concerning its possible accreditation. The strategic plan was cited as one of the “best” by the Visiting Team’s Chair.

We received the following note from President Jabbra:

"Dear Alceste,

It is so nice to hear from you! Yes, we got the accreditation candidacy status with flying colors. The members of the Commission were very complimentary. Because we did such a good job, we will go for full accreditation in the spring of 2009. We will not have to write a new self-study but rather a report. Hope you and Syl are in the best of health and you're doing very well. I very much miss seeing both of you.

With my best wishes to both of you,"

Joseph G. Jabbra, Ph.D.
Lebanese American University