Southern Connecticut State University


The Pappas Consulting Group worked in partnership wth a 20 member Strategic Planning Steering Committee to facilitate the development of a Strategic Plan. Ten Working Groups were assigned to work with our team of consultants. In order to enable the Working Groups to undertake their work, the Pappas Group conducted strategic planning training sessions; developed interview guides, focus group questionnaires and electronic surveys; worked with the Strategic Planning Steering Committee Chair to facilitate meetings of that committee and the development of the Strategic Planning website; conducted interviews and focus groups; analyzed and reported the common themes prevalent in the interviews, focus groups and electronic surveys to the Steering Committee and the President; and provided input as requested by the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee and Working Groups kept a rigorous pace and reached consensus after engaging thousands of person hours. The Steering Committee developed a new mission statement; a vision statement; a core values statement; identified 9 overarching goals and 50 strategic initiatives and developed proposed action steps and metrics for each.

This Strategic Plan highlights the overarching goals and strategic initiatives. This plan and the action steps and metrics enabled the Vice Presidents to begin to craft division-wide strategic plans in support of their new plan: Southern Connecticut State University Strategic Plan, Pursuing Excellence, Empowering Communities