The Pappas Consulting Group Inc.

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Alceste T. Pappas, Ph.D.

"I am committed to providing our clients the best we have to offer. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to grow large but we have made the decision to remain a medium size firm so we do not lose our personal commitment to service and responsiveness."

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Sylvan V. Endich
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Client Services

"As our Firm's Senior Vice President, I am vigilant about ensuring our client's satisfaction with our professional services. It is my job to follow up with our clients after our services are rendered to make sure that we have provided intrinsic value."

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Christine R. Schwartz
Director of Operations

"My role is to ensure that the Firm's objectives and initiatives are being carried out on a day-to-day basis at the direction of the President/CEO. I continuously work in concert with our consultants and clients to create a smooth working relationship, utilizing my extensive experience, judgment, creativity and latitude to help plan and accomplish goals."

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Catherine M. Casey
Manager, Market Research and Production

"As Manager of Market Research and Production, I ensure that every deliverable of the Pappas Consulting Group is held to the highest standards. My twenty years of experience enables me to scrutinize national and international trends in the higher education and nonprofit marketplaces and explore the opportunities that exist in our changing society. The success of our Firm comes from our ability to not only adapt to these ever-changing global forces, but to embrace them in our strategies."


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The Pappas Consulting Group Inc. has a cadre of over fifty consultants who hail from the higher education and non-profit sectors. Among these seasoned consultants are Presidents, Chancellors, Executive Directors, Senior Vice Presidents, Deans, Provosts, and Vice Presidents for Business, Administration, Student Affairs, and Institutional Advancement. A list of our most senior consulting associates are:

Mr. K. Scott Hughes
Mr. Randy Bell
Mr. Richard West
Mr. Parker Chesson
Mr. Frank Dobisky
Mr. Duane Hickling
Mr. Weldon Ihrig
Mr. Frank Kinney
Mr. Stan McKnight
Mr. David Quandt
Mr. Richard Bellows
Dr. Cathie M. Hudson
It is the practice of The Pappas Consulting Group Inc. to assemble a well-qualified and highly regarded consulting team with broad perspective and in-depth expertise based on the functional expertise required in partnership with the appropriate constituents. Each team member is well known and respected in his/her field.

Each member of our consulting team has a proven track record for conducting and managing large projects on time and within budget, both in consulting capacities and in institutional management roles. We use no junior staff on our consulting engagements, only senior and seasoned professionals with years of experience and expertise in the functional and technical areas required.