Client Success Stories

Testimonials from our satisfied customers. Read what our clients are saying about us in their owns words.


“I want you to know it has indeed been a pleasure working with you and your team. I just appreciate even more the human and caring piece you embody.”


Felecia M. Nave, Ph.D.

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Prairie View A&M University

"It was a pleasure going through the process with you - top notch!"

Brad Buyce

Member, Board of Directors

Illuminating Engineering Society


“Words cannot express how much I appreciated your participation in SUNY’s strategic planning process.  Your enthusiasm and your Big Ideas truly brought The Power of SUNY to life.


For me, what made the entire process so effective, its incredible range of voices and perspectives, and your contribution was critical to our success.  I look forward to our continued partnership as we push forward with The Power of SUNY.”


Nancy L. Zimpher


The State University of New York


“It takes a university community, and consultants, to build a fund raising enterprise.  Thanks for your great memory.  You are a great new member of our community!”


Pamela A. Eibeck, Ph.D.


University of the Pacific

"We are grateful here for your contributions and guidance and those of your fantastic team without which many of the recent accomplishments of the University could not have taken place."

Dr. Abdallah Sfeir
Former Provost
Currently Professor Emeritus, School of Engineering
Lebanese American University

“The SCAD Board of Trustees inaugural retreat was invigorating and inspiring thanks, in large part, to your presentation. You both engendered powerful ideas and meaningful feedback that will advance the university and further improve the Board’s already stellar performance.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the retreat and on the strategic plan.  
Your expertise in higher education, knowledge of SCAD, and superb professionalism and lively spirit are evident in all that you do.  SCAD is truly fortunate to work with you.“

  Paula S. Wallace
President and Founder
Savannah College of Art and Design

"Your Firm is a great resource for UH.  I want you to know that your contribution is recognized."

Welcome W. Wilson, Sr.
Vice Chairman, University of Houston System, Board of Regents 

  "You have been a great help to us and I know the University has benefited from the valuable insights you've brought to bear on the work of the commission.  Even if our work on the commission has ended, I look forward to working again with you in the future."

Justin B. Thompson
Former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Currently Associate Dean for Management & Planning

 University of Virginia 


"You are the best!  Your wisdom and guidance have helped to make SCAD THE University for creative careers.  I am still in Hong Kong, but look forward to seeing you in the near future. " [On Feb. 17, 2009 an Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong government recommended that SCAD be awarded the historic North Kowloon Magistracy Building in Hong Kong. This award represents a historic, monumental development for the University.]
Paula S. Wallace
President and Founder
Savannah College of Art and Design

  "Thank you Alceste.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your assistance with our strategic plan.  It was an aggressive timeline and I believe we ended up with an outstanding plan.  Your input was invaluable."

M. Roy Wilson, MD, MS,
Former Chancellor Emeritus
University of Colorado Denver
Currently President, Wayne State University 

August 22, 2007 Quote from Charles B. Reed's speech regarding major issues facing Florida and the nation.

"To wrap up, I believe that Florida has the potential for and deserves a world-class system of higher education...

I'd like to call attention to these words from the recent Pappas report on Florida's universities: 'If the state's economy is to be further transformed from its historical emphasis on tourism and many low-wage jobs into a rich and diverse economy ... and takes advantage, through education, of its diverse population ... and connects that economic future to the intellectual capital that exists in its universities, then there will need to be a level of cooperation and stewardship never seen before in the state...'

With that thought in mind, I'm going to take the liberty of proposing that the Board of Governors have a conversation with Governor Crist; that we establish a commission to develop a master plan for the future of Florida's higher education system...

The challenge for such a master plan is to articulate a forward-looking vision, one that recognizes that education is an investment in the future..."

Charles B. Reed
Former Chancellor of the State University System of Florida
and Chancellor of the California State University System

"All of us thank you for your hard work on behalf of Florida's university system and your generous support."

John Dasburg
Former Chair, Academic Programs/Strategic Planning
Florida Board of Governors

"I appreciate your having taken time from your schedule to respond to questions from the presidents of the FACU member institutions. On behalf of the membership, I wish to thank you again for contributing to the success of the event."

Dr. William T. Abare, Jr.
President, Flagler College
President, Florida Association of Colleges and Universities

"You have done it again, bringing your considerable talents to SCAD for our workshop for our deans and chairs. I am ever so grateful to have professional colleagues like you. I know the workshop was a success, with both of you being so articulate and knowing how to present relevant material in an effective way. I truly appreciate what you do for SCAD, and I'm looking forward to an outstanding academic year."

Paula S. Wallace
President and Founder
Savannah College of Art and Design

"On behalf of Iowans, I am truly grateful to you for your help in developing a vision for one of the State's most important endeavors, the education of our children in the 21st Century."

Terry E. Branstad
State of Iowa

"It is so nice to hear from you! Yes, we got the accreditation candidacy status with flying colors. The members of the Commission were very complimentary. Because we did such a good job, we will go for full accreditation in the spring of 2009. We will not have to write a new self-study but rather a report. Hope you and Syl are in the best of health and you're doing very well. I very much miss seeing both of you.

With my best wishes to both of you,"

Joseph G. Jabbra, Ph.D.
Lebanese American University

"Thank you for joining us at the retreat. Your comments, as always, were inspiring and most helpful to all of us. I look forward to your next visit."

James R. Huffines
Former Chairman, The University of Texas System, Board of Regents

"Thanks again for helping us with the retreat. Many people... told me it was the best retreat and discussion we've had. And Vice Chairman Krier asked Francie and me why we couldn't have sessions like this during Board meetings. Please stay in touch."

Geri H. Malandra
Former Vice Chancellor for Strategic Management
The University of Texas System

Currently Ashford University, Board Member 

"We feel fortunate to have worked with you and your colleagues in the Pappas Consulting Group and appreciate the exemplary level of professionalism that you brought to this endeavor. For us, it was truly a team effort and I constantly found it edifying to experience the cooperation, dedication, and collaboration that exists among my colleagues here. Extending my best wishes to you and the entire Pappas Group, I remain."

Charles A. Roeckle
Deputy to the President
The University of Texas at Austin


"I want to thank you for a truly excellent and professional effort on our benchmarking and management review project. I appreciate the many ways in which you made this extraordinary project a success. I very much hope we have opportunities to work together again in the future."
Lindsay A. Desrochers
Former Senior Vice Chancellor for Capital Resources
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
Currently Professor Public Administration
Portland State University

"Words are inadequate to express my appreciation of the quality of work you and your staff did to assist us here at FSU. I honestly do not believe that we could have received a higher quality of work from anyone else in the country. All of your staff brought outstanding expertise to various areas of the work plan. You have helped us develop an outstanding blueprint for the future and you may rest assured that your work with us will provide the template for our future planning."

Willis B. McLeod
Former Chancellor, Fayetteville State University

"On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am writing to commend your staff and you for the outstanding job you are doing to transform the philosophy and practices of our Housing program. The Chancellor recently shared with the Board some of the new and exciting activities which you are undertaking this year. The Board is particularly pleased to learn that the transition from Housing to Residential Living really signals not only a name change but also a new era-one in which staff are committed to the cultivation of strong and positive living-learning environments at Western. Please know that the Board and I appreciate your efforts and wish you continued success."

Joseph Crocker
Former Chair, Board of Trustees
Western Carolina University

"There is an electricity on this campus that I haven't sensed here in the last year and a half! I'll be interested to see if you feel it. Graduate admissions will reach their goal. They have turned it around, and are well ahead of last year to date."

Clifton Metcalf
Vice Chancellor for Advancement and External Affairs
Western Carolina University

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am that we had a chance to meet during your most recent trip out to the University of Kansas. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the work you are doing for KU. I am quite impressed with your firm, both the quality of work and the approach you bring to the challenges we ask you to tackle for us. I know we will benefit from your insights.

I hope your visit was productive. I certainly enjoyed having the opportunity to hear some of your thoughts regarding organizational effectiveness. It really was a treat..."

Reginald L. Robinson
Former Chief of Staff, The University of Kansas
and President/CEO Kansas Board of Regents
Currently, University of Kansas
Director and Professor, School of Public Affairs and Administration

"Thank you for being involved in the University of Oregon/Bach Festival project. I cannot imagine the intricacies of detail you had to deal with during your visits to campus... personalities, emotions, bureaucracy, and prejudices. But everyone with whom I have spoken has only the highest praise for how you dealt with them individually and collectively. I know that this is your work, and that you have consulted with numerous other arts organizations, but not all persons in this business are as sensitive and compassionate as you, and I write simply to express my deep appreciation."

H. Royce Saltzman
Emeritus Executive Director
Oregon Bach Festival

"Great job working through the strategic planning process for the growth and development of KGI... Good job!"

Dr. Sheldon M. Schuster
President, Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences

"It was great to meet you last week and I really enjoyed our session and the direction we are now moving in. Thanks for your great facilitation and inspiration in supporting us getting there."

Susanne Svizeny, Board Member
College of New Jersey
Wells Fargo Bank, Regional President


"What more can I say but repeat that you did a super job as a member of the 1998 Year Four team at the 1998 Business Management Institute."
Weldon E. Ihrig
Former Executive Vice President
University of Washington

"Your contribution over so many years is truly extraordinary. You have probably taught several thousand administrators how to improve their performance and impacted institutions all across the country."

Monica M. Boulay
Former Director

WACUBO Business Management Institute

"You and the members of your Firm have not only been of great help to us in identifying our goals, but have made us feel comfortable and confident of our ability to achieve them. It is apparent that you have warm feelings for the Ross community and great respect for the work of the Founder and faculty and staff. I thank you for your commitment."

Marisa O'Neil
Former Director of Institutional Advancement
Ross School

"Whatever my expectations were for the evaluation, they were far exceeded by the results of your superb gathering and guiding. From our perspective at St. Albans your team jelled nicely and certainly came up with "stage directions" for Aggie and me that would surely improve our situation in the arts."

John F. McCune
Former Headmaster
St. Albans School

  "I wanted to memorialize my gratitude to you and your colleagues for a thorough and helpful report on Faculty Support. I find it intelligent, workman-like and instructive."

Russell K. Osgood
Former President
Grinnell College

"One more 'thank you' for your help with our fabulous new Strategic Plan. I really loved working with you, and hope to again soon! Your help was invaluable. My 'new' Board is on Board, so to speak, and we're moving ahead! Many, many thanks."

Susan Piggott
Former Executive Director, National Child Research Center
Currently Chief Executive Officer, St. Christopher House